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My Take On Wake

Tuesday 04/15/2014
Childress to Continue Lending His Voice

In discussing the hiring of Randolph Childress as an assistant coach, Danny Manning said he was excited about having Childress' voice be a part of what he wants to accomplish at Wake.

Wednesday 04/09/2014
Manning Learned From the Best

Danny Manning, to his credit and my immense relief, doesn't act like he invented the game of basketball.

Tuesday 04/08/2014
Danny Rides Into Town

The Beatles almost saw their careers as rock musicians end before they ever made it out of Hamburg. They were playing an infamous Reeperbahn dive called the Indra, and though the menacingly shady head honcho Bruno Koschmider liked their music all right, the lads weren't shaking their tail feathers hard enough to hold the attention of the paying customers past a round or two. 

Friday 04/04/2014
My Take On Wake: How the Danny Manning Deal Went Down

The more I heard about Danny Manning this past wild and crazy week, the more I warmed up to the idea of him taking over the Wake program.

Wednesday 04/02/2014
One Promise I'll Make

It was the perfect day on Wake campus to be squiring a prospective basketball coach around. The sun was shining, the grass could not have been greener, the birds were chirping, the blooms were blooming and tours of fresh-faced prospective students and their parents were parading all over the quad.

Tuesday 04/01/2014
Is Manning the Man?

Danny Manning, at 6-10 and within recent memory of his playing weight, cuts a fine figure.

Friday 03/28/2014
Swinging for the Fences

Sitting here on Friday, March  28, 2014, Ron Wellman appears to be in a pickle.

Tuesday 03/25/2014
Thinking Along With Ron

The search for a new coach at Wake, from all I'm hearing, won't be wrapped up in hours, or probably not even days. Ron Wellman cautioned us all last week that it could be awhile before the Deacons have a new basketball coach. I tend to believe it will.

Friday 03/21/2014
Time to Move On

Far be it from me, Country Dan Collins of Franklin, N.C. and frequenter of any honky tonk and/or dive that will allow me to strum and caterwaul my down-home mountain music, to be the arbiter of propriety and decorum. I couldn't get away with it if I tried. Too many people know me all too well.

Thursday 03/20/2014
My Take On Wake: The Man So Few Knew

Down the road somewhere, 10 or 15 or ever how many years from now, we’re all going to look back on Jeff Bzdelik’s tenure as head coach at Wake and wonder what in the wide, wide world of sports was that all about?

Wednesday 03/19/2014
Flapping in the Wind
Posted: March 19, 2014

Jeff Bzdelik is still head basketball coach at Wake Forest.

Thursday 03/13/2014
From Ice Bath to the CBI?
Posted: March 13, 2014

The first rule of Ice Bath is you don't talk about Ice Bath.

Wednesday 03/12/2014
Thomas in Rare Form
Posted: March 12, 2014

Devin Thomas wasn't taking anything off anybody today, be it Zach Auguste of Notre Dame or Jeannine Edwards of ESPN.

Tuesday 03/11/2014
A Hunch That Has Yet to Pay Off
Posted: March 11, 2014

The reason Ron Wellman fired Dino Gaudio -- or at least the explanation that he stood up before the world and gave -- was Gaudio's inability to win in February and March.

Saturday 03/08/2014
Where Codi Goes, So Goes Wake
Posted: March 08, 2014

Wake's all-too-predictable 69-56 pratfall at Miami today sent me combing through the dozens and dozens of stories I've written on this year's team back to the very first one.

Thursday 03/06/2014
Bzdelik Lays Out The Story
Posted: March 06, 2014

There was a play late in Wake's 82-72 victory over Duke Wednesday that I hope to remember as long as I have reason to look back on the 2013-14 season.

Wednesday 03/05/2014
Deacons Show Up
Posted: March 05, 2014

Wake has had a bad season not because it was incapable of having a good one.

Tuesday 03/04/2014
New Coach, Same Tasty Chicken
Posted: March 04, 2014

Just got through our first gathering to eat chicken and talk football with new football coach Dave Clawson.

Saturday 03/01/2014
How Many More No-Shows to Go?
Posted: March 01, 2014

When Wake walked off the practice court at Joel Coliseum Friday, it looked like a team ready to play.

Wednesday 02/26/2014
A New Book on Bones
Posted: February 26, 2014

"the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.'' -- Jack Kerouac, from On the Road.