wS! Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake

Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

My Take On Wake

Tuesday 09/01/2015
Three Still in Running at Running Back

The subject of gamesmanship came up at today's first gathering of the season to eat chicken and talk football and Coach Dave Clawson tried hard -- but in vain -- not to smile.

Monday 08/31/2015
A Tight Fraternity

A really sharp nephew of mine, Ward Collins, had the path to a football coaching career all laid out for him.

Friday 08/28/2015
When, Oh When, Will Deacs Start to Win?

All the hours spent in August at the wall watching practice gives us wall birds plenty of time to solve all the world's problems.

Tuesday 08/25/2015
Let the (Guessing) Games Begin

Decisions are being made these days in the Pruitt Center wing of the Manchester Athletics Building at Wake Forest concerning the Deacons' depth chart coming out of Sunday's scrimmage.

Sunday 08/23/2015
A Season Over Before It Began

There are days you just hate to be right.

Wednesday 08/19/2015
With Crump Down, Who Steps Up?

As many times as I've been warned to be careful what I wish for, it's just a hard lesson to learn.

Monday 08/17/2015
Solidifying the Starting Lineup

The news flash from this morning's practice is that Brandon Chubb, Marquel Lee and Hunter Williams will start for Wake at linebacker.

Saturday 08/15/2015
Nothing Offensive About Wake's Offense

After he experienced so many rough days a season ago, it was nice to see offensive coordinator Warren Ruggiero of Wake Forest have a good one today at the Deacons' first scrimmage of preseason at BB&T Field.

Wednesday 08/12/2015
More in Common Than Meets the Eye

At first glance -- and perhaps even second, third, fourth and fifth -- Dave Clawson and I share little in common.

Tuesday 08/11/2015
No Stomach for Monday's Practice

There have been times over the years I've had to quick-step it along the sidelines of a football field to keep from getting trampled by a 250-pound tight end trying to catch a down-and-out thrown over his head.

Thursday 08/06/2015
Gross-Armiento Still on the Shelf

Of all the holes Dave Clawson must fill in his second season as Wake's head football coach, the deepest is at cornerback.

Tuesday 08/04/2015
Up With the Roosters

As one who hates going to bed almost as much as I despise getting up early the next morning, Thursday promises to be a challenge.

Thursday 07/30/2015
Harry's Gone, But Is It For Good?

So let the guessing games begin.

Wednesday 07/29/2015
Groomed and Ready, Buddie Leaves for Furman

Mike Buddie's star kept rising at Wake until he disappeared out of sight.

Tuesday 07/28/2015
Off and Running

The beach was really, really nice. Being with my family was even better.

Sunday 06/07/2015
A Day to Live Down

Who knows when, where or how, but somewhere along the way the notion that Georgia Tech was a private institution got stuck in the gray matter between my ears. And there that piece of erroneous information remained, dormant and as far as I know harmless until exploding in a piece I wrote for the Journal about how College Baseball's Diamond is tilted against private schools.

Thursday 06/04/2015
A Diamond Tilted Against Private Schools

In college baseball as in almost all of life, you get what you pay for.

Friday 05/01/2015
In K.J., the Texans Got Their Man

Kevin Johnson is living, breathing and -- ever since last night -- smiling proof that what happens to us in life is not as important as how we deal with it.

Sunday 04/12/2015
More to Wolford Than Has Met the Eye

If you thought John Wolford was impressive last season as a freshman quarterback, as did I, we apparently have only seen the half of it.

Sunday 03/29/2015
Two Men Doing Their Jobs

From the results of the interview, it was easy to see that Danny Manning's last concern was impressing the bearded, grizzled sportswriter sitting across the desk in his office Thursday morning asking him all kinds of questions about the state of the Wake basketball program.