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My Take On Wake

Saturday 11/22/2014
Clawson Wills Deacons to Win

Coach Dave Clawson spent more time on the field during today's 6-3 double-overtime victory over Virginia Tech than anybody on his team, save for maybe the starters.

Great Tribute to a Great Man

As I sit in the newly christened Skeeter Francis Media Room high atop Deacon Tower, it behooves me to explain who Skeeter Francis was.

Tough Night All Around

Devin Thomas spent the frantic final 68 seconds of Wake's 85-81 loss to Iona on the bench, having fouled out. He would have still been on the court for more of the Deacons' late rally that came up short if he hadn't picked up a double-technical for whatever he and Kelvin Amayo of the Gaels did or said to each other three minutes earlier.

Wednesday 11/19/2014
Deacs a Long Shot Until Long Shots Go In

The tusk of a Razorback can be a scary weapon, and tonight it was sharp enough to lay bare all of Wake's deficiencies in an 83-53 bloodletting at Arkansas' Bud Walton Arena.

Tuesday 11/18/2014
A Man After My Own Heart

Over lunch today, after Dave Clawson had dispensed with the formal segment of his press conference, we were sitting around eating barbeque and cowboy beans when the subject turned to one of my favorite topics.

Monday 11/17/2014
Easy Win in the Big Easy

We've all seen a bunch of 71-49 type results whenever Wake ventured out on the road these past few years.

Saturday 11/15/2014
Another Long Trip Home From Raleigh

Wake took it's biennial beating in Raleigh today, getting drilled by a middling-at-best N.C. State team 42-13.

Friday 11/14/2014
Dinos to the Rescue

Danny Manning's fate in his first game as Wake's head coach might have been far too akin to that of his predecessor, Jeff Bzdelik, if it hadn't been for a gawky but poised-beyond-his-years freshman from Thessaloniki, Greece who didn't even decide to play for the Deacons until mid-summer.

Thursday 11/13/2014
Now Comes Manning's True Test

By pretty much every estimation of which I am aware, Danny Manning has aced his first six months as Wake's basketball coach.

Tuesday 11/11/2014
The Story Behind the Story of Gold Helmets

Wake made the fashion statement of the season by wearing chrome gold helmets against Clemson, but only after Coach Dave Clawson made his own statement to his team.

Friday 11/07/2014
Manning's Rotation in Flux -- For Now
Posted: November 07, 2014

The guy most under the gun in Wake's 96-71 exhibition victory over Young Harris tonight was my good buddy Gary Strickland, now in his 34th season as the Deacons' scorekeeper.

Thursday 11/06/2014
Deacons Run Out of Juice
Posted: November 06, 2014

Wake had all the inspiration a team could ever want in tonight's 34-20 nationally-televised loss to 19th-ranked Clemson at BB&T Field.

Tuesday 11/04/2014
Revolving Door of Quarterbacks
Posted: November 04, 2014

Deshaun Watson, as it turns out, may play for Clemson Thursday night against Wake Forest.

Monday 11/03/2014
Getting to Know Darius Leonard
Posted: November 03, 2014

Many were the times I finished an article only to realize it didn't include a particularly juicy tidbit, quote or anecdote. Space is finite -- and often precious -- in the printed page of a newspaper and as important as it is to know what to include in a piece, it's sometimes more vital to know what to leave out.

Sunday 10/26/2014
Randolph is One Proud Dad
Posted: October 26, 2014

As an assistant basketball coach at Wake, Randolph Childress is not permitted by NCAA rules to comment on the commitment the Deacons received this weekend from Brandon Childress.

Saturday 10/25/2014
Wolford, Deacs Come Up Short
Posted: October 25, 2014

If you're reading this before 6:30 Sunday night, Oct. 26, 2014, you can count on John Wolford still being mad at himself.

Wednesday 10/22/2014
The Meaning Behind What Manning Says
Posted: October 22, 2014

All coaches say their team will run a drill until the drill is run right. It's standard bluster, always good for when the time comes to lay down the law.

Tuesday 10/21/2014
When the Best is Not Good Enough
Posted: October 21, 2014

Cory Helms is a tough, mean, country strong offensive lineman who will fight you all day long and deep into the night.

Saturday 10/18/2014
How Low Can the Deacons Go?
Posted: October 18, 2014

Like all those playing defense for Wake this season, safety Ryan Janvion is used to having to take up for others. Usually it's the Deacons offense -- an offense that has now given up six touchdowns off turnovers -- that needs the cover Janvion is willing to extend.

Thursday 10/16/2014
Kinal Gets Leg Up on Plackemeier
Posted: October 16, 2014

A scholarship at Wake Forest is worth somewhere in the very ritzy neighborhood of $60,000 a year.