wS! Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake

Winston-Salem Journal: My Take On Wake

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

My Take On Wake

Thursday 07/30/2015
Harry's Gone, But Is It For Good?

So let the guessing games begin.

Wednesday 07/29/2015
Groomed and Ready, Buddie Leaves for Furman

Mike Buddie's star kept rising at Wake until he disappeared out of sight.

Tuesday 07/28/2015
Off and Running

The beach was really, really nice. Being with my family was even better.

Sunday 06/07/2015
A Day to Live Down

Who knows when, where or how, but somewhere along the way the notion that Georgia Tech was a private institution got stuck in the gray matter between my ears. And there that piece of erroneous information remained, dormant and as far as I know harmless until exploding in a piece I wrote for the Journal about how College Baseball's Diamond is tilted against private schools.

Thursday 06/04/2015
A Diamond Tilted Against Private Schools

In college baseball as in almost all of life, you get what you pay for.

Friday 05/01/2015
In K.J., the Texans Got Their Man

Kevin Johnson is living, breathing and -- ever since last night -- smiling proof that what happens to us in life is not as important as how we deal with it.

Sunday 04/12/2015
More to Wolford Than Has Met the Eye

If you thought John Wolford was impressive last season as a freshman quarterback, as did I, we apparently have only seen the half of it.

Sunday 03/29/2015
Two Men Doing Their Jobs

From the results of the interview, it was easy to see that Danny Manning's last concern was impressing the bearded, grizzled sportswriter sitting across the desk in his office Thursday morning asking him all kinds of questions about the state of the Wake basketball program.

Thursday 03/26/2015
Interview With Danny Manning: Take I

MTOW: How’s the state of the program as we sit here today compared to when you took over last April?

Interview With Danny Manning: Take II

MTOW: How can you emphasize defense from day one, and finish at the bottom of the league in field-goal percentage defense?

Thursday 03/26/2015
Interview with Danny Manning: Take III

MTOW: Another area that you ranked low in was turnover margin? How can that be improved?

Interview With Danny Manning: Take IV

MTOW: Mitchell Wilbekin, Cornelius Hudson and Dinos Mitoglou were really below-the-radar recruits when they came in. How would you assess their first season?

Saturday 03/14/2015
Budd Lives Up to His Legend

Meeting and hanging with famous people was once upon a time one of the great perks of my sports writing career.

Wednesday 03/11/2015
Deacons’ season over: Va. Tech holds in final seconds to defeat Wake Forest

GREENSBORO — Virginia Tech poured through Wake Forest’s sieve of a defense Tuesday into the second round of the ACC Tournament.

Tuesday 03/10/2015
One-and-Done Deacons

It should stand to reason that all teams want to win when only by winning can they keep their season alive

Going to Dave for Good Stuff

My sportswriting career has been a 41-year quest for good stuff.

Monday 03/09/2015
Another First for Danny Manning

Greensboro Coliseum was Danny Manning's home turf growing up. A local kid who attended Page High School, Manning made frequent trips to the arena either to play himself or watch his father, Ed, play for the Carolina Cougars of the ABA.

Saturday 03/07/2015
Flaws For All to See

If Wake has an on switch, Danny Manning had better flick it really fast.

Wednesday 03/04/2015
A Game in Name Only

Coach Danny Manning of Wake has now seen a game in Cameron Indoor Stadium, though I feel safe in saying it won't be remembered as one of his most cherished moments.

Monday 03/02/2015
Congratulations to Dearica Hamby

Wake will need a miracle run in this week's ACC Women's Tournament for Jen Hoover to accomplish the major goals she set for her second season as head coach.