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NASA Mars 2020 Rover gets new wheels
The new Mars Rover finally has a set of legs to stand on.
Jun 20, 2019 23:57 UTC Science Read More

The Galaxy Note 10 hasn’t been announced, but you can already buy cases for it
A report claimed earlier this week that the Galaxy Note 10 series will be unveiled on August 7th in New York. The rumor makes sense, as countless others have…
Jun 20, 2019 23:06 UTC Technology Read More

‘We thank God every day’: Two-year-old girl makes remarkable recovery, beats rare form of ovarian cancer
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- A two-year-old girl, who has been battling a rare form of ovarian cancer, is officially cancer-free. Kenni's family shared the good news…
Jun 20, 2019 21:30 UTC Health Read More

Why are people thirsty for 'raw water'?
“Anybody here drink water, but wish you could pay more for it?” In January 2018, the “raw water” movement was doing the rounds on the US TV comedy circuit,…
Jun 20, 2019 20:51 UTC Health Read More

She endured obscene phone calls, had to use men's bathrooms, as one of NASA's first female engineers
JoAnn Morgan, who worked as an instrumentation controller for the Apollo 11 mission, was the only woman allowed inside the firing room where NASA…
Jun 20, 2019 20:47 UTC Science Read More

NASA asteroid revelation: Why researcher claimed space rock 'threatens' Earth
AN ASTEROID could strike Earth in the near future, threatening to end life as we know it, according to claims made by researchers in a documentary.
Jun 20, 2019 20:34 UTC Science Read More

Company develops smart toilets to track health
There's a digital health revolution underway, making it easier for all of us to track our wellness online and with our doctors.
Jun 20, 2019 19:58 UTC Health Read More

Working just one day a week improves mental health, study says
Working one day a week is the key to the best mental health, new research suggests.
Jun 20, 2019 19:42 UTC Health Read More

Researchers say 8 hours of work a week is enough to feel fulfilled. So why won't hustle culture die?
A new study, which found that eight hours of work is all that humans need to be happy, is riling up the commentariat. Indeed, the findings reaffirm what many liberals, leftists and universal basic income advocates believe about work: namely, that we should all be doing less of it, and that if we did, we would be just as happy and more likely happier. The study, from University of Salford and University of Cambridge researchers, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, was specifically motivated by the belief that automation and technology may sharply reduce the number of jobs t...
Jun 20, 2019 19:00 UTC Jobs Read More

Young Americans are racking up debt for Instagrammable weddings
Debt-saddled Americans are giving rise to a new industry of financial tech companies: Those that provide loans for cash-strapped couples to pay for their weddings. The Washington Post reports that these companies—amongst them Prosper, Upstart, and Earnest—are offering five-figure-plus loans with up to 30% interest. Unlike other types of personal loans (which, in 2019, typically have interest rates between 5% and 36%, according to personal finance site Value Penguin), these loans are specifically for brides and grooms to help pay for their special day. According to the Post, these lenders sa...
Jun 20, 2019 18:37 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Tripping grad students over and over for science (and better prosthetic limbs)
Prosthetic limbs are getting better, but not as quickly as you'd think. They're not as smart as our real limbs, which (directed by the brain) do things like…
Jun 20, 2019 18:21 UTC Science Read More

Electron-behaving nanoparticles rock current understanding of matter
It's not an electron. But it sure does act like one. Northwestern University researchers have made a strange and startling discovery that nanoparticles engineered…
Jun 20, 2019 18:00 UTC Science Read More

Physicists Hack the Uncertainty Principle to See an Ion Wiggle
Heisenberg's famous principle can't be violated, but it can be gamed. A new study shows a way to measure particles with far more precision than before.
Jun 20, 2019 17:59 UTC Science Read More

SpaceX Test-Fires Falcon Heavy Megarocket for Its 1st Night Launch
CAPE CANAVERAL SpaceX is gearing up for the next flight of the company's megarocket, the Falcon Heavy. Essentially three Falcon 9 boosters strapped…
Jun 20, 2019 17:33 UTC Science Read More

Arkansas health department offering free tetanus shots following flooding
The Arkansas Department of Health is offering free tetanus and hepatitis A vaccinations at local health units across the state for those impacted by recent…
Jun 20, 2019 17:07 UTC Health Read More

Research details response of sagebrush to 2017 solar eclipse
The total solar eclipse's swath across Wyoming and the United States in August 2017 provided an opportunity for scientists to study a variety of celestial and…
Jun 20, 2019 17:03 UTC Science Read More

Vaccinations Are Becoming a Requirement At Summer Camps
With measles cases continuing to add up, many summer camps are requiring all staff and campers to prove they are up to date with their vaccinations.
Jun 20, 2019 16:27 UTC Health Read More

Station mission planning reveals new target Commercial Crew launch dates
As part of standard planning among the international partners, NASA has revised its Visiting Vehicle plan for all upcoming and long-range missions to the…
Jun 20, 2019 15:45 UTC Science Read More

How to Keep Your Money Safe Online
As an entrepreneur and investor, I'm tech-obsessed. Technology is transforming every corner of our lives, from how we live, to how we earn, to how we spend.
Jun 20, 2019 14:58 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

The Cambrian Explosion –“Supernova of Biology Detonated by Plate Tectonics”
Around 540 million years ago, plate tectonics triggered the the Cambrian Explosion and the world of animal life was born.
Jun 20, 2019 14:37 UTC Science Read More

Here's How Rapidly You Start to Lose Muscle Once You Stop Lifting Weights
If you think taking a break from working out doesn't make a clear difference in your strength, you're wrong. My first gym session after a trip to Barcelona, where the only exercise I did was walking (and eating paella), was a struggle. The barbell I used to pick up with ease suddenly felt way heavier. (I actually triple checked to make sure I hadn't accidentally grabbed the wrong barbell - nope.) You may know the feeling. Returning to the gym after an extended break can be brutal. "Unfortunately, exercise is truly 'use it or lose it.' If you stop strength training, you'll likely notice decr...
Jun 20, 2019 14:16 UTC Fitness Read More

A financial planner gives the same first piece of advice to new clients, and it usually leads to 3 important discoveries
Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. - When a new client comes to see financial planner Taylor Schulte, his first advice to help them build wealth isn't about investing: He simply tells them to start tracking their spending, - Once they start tracking their spending, he finds, his client is usually able to discover three things: They're spending more than they thought on non-essenti...
Jun 20, 2019 14:14 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Scientists Are Stunned by How Rapidly Ice Is Melting in the Arctic
June has set a record low of Arctic sea ice, while the extent of melting across the Greenland Ice Sheet this early in the summer has never been seen before.
Jun 20, 2019 13:56 UTC Science Read More

We Asked a Trainer If Planks Burn Belly Fat Here's What She Said
Abs are one of my favorite body parts to train because having a strong core is important, but I also train abs because of vanity purposes. There are countless ab exercises you should do, one of the most popular being the plank. It's friendly to all fitness levels and will no doubt strengthen your core, but if you're trying to burn belly fat, it won't be of much use. The plank works your anterior core - the muscles that make up the front of your core like the rectus abdominis (aka the six-pack). Anterior stability exercises teach you how to avoid too much lumbar extension of the spine, more…
Jun 20, 2019 12:14 UTC Fitness Read More

Antioxidant Supplement Eases Parkinson's Symptoms, Study Suggests
Read how a compound used by the body to produce an antioxidant called glutathione may improve dopamine function and ease Parkinson's disease symptoms.
Jun 20, 2019 12:00 UTC Health Read More

Algorithm quickly finds hidden objects in dense point clouds
The MIT-developed technique quickly and smoothly matches objects to those hidden in dense point clouds (left), versus existing techniques (right) that produce…
Jun 20, 2019 11:47 UTC Science Read More

Crystal with a twist: scientists grow spiraling new material
With a simple twist of the fingers, one can create a beautiful spiral from a deck of cards. In the same way, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, and…
Jun 20, 2019 11:43 UTC Science Read More

Abundance of gases in Enceladus's ocean are a potential fuel—if life is there to consume it
The subsurface ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus probably has higher than previously known concentrations of carbon dioxide and hydrogen and a more…
Jun 20, 2019 11:07 UTC Science Read More

NASA moon rocket costing $800mn more than space agency is admitting, says watchdog
NASA has been playing down the true cost of its Boeing Artemis-1 moon rocket, a government watchdog says. The delayed project is majorly over budget,…
Jun 20, 2019 09:38 UTC Science Read More

NASA Moon landing: Why did the Apollo 11 flag wave and flap in space?
NASA'S historic 1969 Moon landing has been at the heart of conspiracy theory debate for 50 years now and one major clue conspiracists cite is the flapping US…
Jun 20, 2019 07:59 UTC Science Read More

Discovery of a 'holy grail' with the invention of universal computer memory
A new type of computer memory to solve the digital technology energy crisis has been invented and patented by scientists. The device is the realization of the…
Jun 20, 2019 07:00 UTC Computing Read More

Florida city pays hackers $600K in bitcoin to get computer systems back
A small city in Florida has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 in bitcoin ransom to hackers who took control of its computer systems in a ransomware attack,…
Jun 20, 2019 07:00 UTC Computing Read More

The Fall and Rise of VR: The Struggle to Make Virtual Reality Get Real
Paul McCartney made his modest contribution to the future of virtual reality with a little help from a bike mechanic. The unlikely union of the Beatles great,…
Jun 20, 2019 07:00 UTC Virtual-Reality Read More

Tampa Bay Leaders Form Coalition To Address Mental Health Crisis
In the Tampa Bay area, one in six people suffers from depression. One in twelve has a substance abuse disorder. And there is only one mental health.
Jun 20, 2019 07:00 UTC Mental-Health Read More

How to Invest Your First $1,000 Investing 101
Investing is easy. Figuring out where to invest is the hard part, especially for beginner investors who likely have better ways to spend their time than researching…
Jun 20, 2019 06:59 UTC Personal-Finance Read More

Nevada Is the First U.S. State to Make It Illegal to Refuse Employment for Marijuana Usage--and It Won't Be the Last. How to Adjust Your Drug Screening Policies
Nevada wasn't the first state to approve recreational marijuana usage, but it is the first to make it illegal to discriminate against users. That's not the language…
Jun 20, 2019 06:59 UTC Jobs Read More



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